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Confidence. Influence. Gravitas.

Deliver your professional service with professionalism.

Your Presence has a massive impact on your credibility and your relationships .  More...

ELITE Leadership helps both established and aspiring Leaders to focus on the most important issues in your business and your team.  More...

We are always Negotiating. 

Every single human interaction is, in one way or another, a form of negotiation. An essential skill in business - and in life. More...

Speaking &

Presentations Skills

Why are so many presentations so dull or simply 'death by powerpoint'! Instead, learn to speak TO (not AT) people, it makes a massive difference.

Essential for meetings, challenging conversations and networking too.  More...

The pinnacle of challenging communication! You can learn to Speak Off-The-Cuff.

No more worrying about how to handle challenging meetings or that dreaded Q&A after your impressive (scripted) presentation.  More...

"I still remember

your training"

“Whenever negotiating I still remember your training and how the other person is looking for something too, understanding what that is and working with that.

Your training is practical tips from someone that is practical and relevant – and in the real world – that people can use and remember easily.”
Alastair Davis, Chief Executive,
Social Investment Scotland

"No-one who entered that room
left as the same person!"

"I enjoyed one of Scott's 'Thinking On Your Feet' half-day sessions, with a small group for business and leaders.  Let me just say this.

No-one who entered that room left as the same person."

Gordon, marketing consultant

* Breakfast Bites * Lunch n Learn * Twilight Talks *
Perfect for team engagement, sharing ideas or
just a great reason to get together informally

Do you find it hard to have a good reason for your team to meet online?

We know that it's vitally important to have get-togethers and check-ins. Especially if the virtual world is a new way of working - for some, or all, of you.


Not only for morale and well-being, also for productivity and maintaining both expertise and relationships.

Team Meetings 'for the sake of meeting' tend to be counter-productive - often seen as a waste of time.

If you've had to downsize or have had lots of time on furlough - for some or for all - you need to find a way to keep a business focus.


Maybe you need to help rebuild relationships.


Maybe you need to repair relationships.

only 30-90 minutes

These Bitesize Training Sessions (anything from 30-90 minutes) are the ideal reason to have a get-together for your vitural team. Not only is there the learning opportunity, these deliberately interactive sessions are great at getting people speaking to each other and sharing their views.


With a common focus for discussion, and an opportunity for everyone 'to be heard', there's a learning purpose - and a relationship side effect.   

These short training sessions are ideal for a team get-together, w


Where you have gone from everyone working in the same office to some or all working from home online - or you have been working globally for a while - people need to speak about their situation, without being pressured to do so.

I 'keep it light' and highly interactive - yet with learning impact. By using a mix of short presentation, facilitated discussion, spotlights, interactive tools and breakout rooms the time will pass very quickly. 


I tend to suggest short and small breakout groups, of 3-5 people, to help the conversation flow. There's less pressure to speak up than working 121 - but not so many that quieter colleagues are overlooked.  

Great for start or end of day 'get togethers' - or a 'Lunch n Learn'

How to  Actually Act, Respond and React as you Conduct Your Day-to-Day Negotiations  
Management Matters
The IMPACT Method
Instead of the above Masterclasses, together we can design a one-off Workshop or a Programme of a few months by pulling the subject areas together - maybe a deep-dive or refresher for a specific skill or a bespoke programme.

For your graduates, young professionals and those returning to work after a break (redundancy, maternity, ill-health), you may need more fundamental skills training and general management or leadership development.

I can deliver this for you. Let's have a chat if you're interested in a bespoke Management Development Programme.

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Scott Johnston

2019 President of PSA Scotland

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