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Scott Johnston
Your Speaker Coach
*Multiple Award-Winning Speaker*
*Coach to World Champions*
I would not have the skills or confidence in speaking today if it were not for Scott Johnston
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 You CAN be an impressive,
inspirational and charismatic speaker! 
 in person or on video 
Take Your
Speaking and Presentations 
from Nervous Wreck to Shining Star

5 Easy Secrets to Becoming An Impressive, Inspirational and Charismatic Speaker

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1-2-1 or practical, interactive workshops

Even a 5-minute speech takes a lot of time, energy and preparation - and, of course, practice. You've got to squeeze a lot in, in a short time - without rushing or overloading your audience. 

I've coached contestants in 5- minute limit speaking competitions.

Whether it's speaking up in meetings, facilitating challenging teams or making important presentations, we can tweak - or indeed even transform - your delivery and your Presence.


You can become an impressive, confident and engaging presenter or contributor.



Asperger's Superheroes Speaker

It would have taken me 2-3 years to learn what Scott helped me to achieve.

I recommend Scott if you want help to deliver an engaging, informative and impactful presentation on video.

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Past President JCI Edinburgh 
Financial Adviser,
I went from complete novice speaker to World Champion Debater in only two years!
It has greatly helped  in running my business as an IFA.
I would not have the skills or confidence in speaking today if it were not for Scott Johnston.
Man with Checkered Shirt

Thomas Gillan (not pictured) 

Chief Finance Officer

Social Investment Scotland

Working with Scott has been an excellent experience. He's such a personable guy and passionate about impact.

We refined my presentational style. The open and measured feedback he provided was invaluable

Speaking on stage or on video

to any audience - large or small


 even from your spare room... 

As a qualified Barrister, I've been speaking and presenting for many years.

I would love to help you to 'raise the bar!' (pun intended!).

That might mean overcoming debilitating nerves, helping you craft a well-structured speech or just working on making your delivery more engaging.


What kind of presentations do you deliver?

  • promoting your business in a short talk

  • delivering a message to your team

  • running a workshop or seminar

  • workplace presentation​

  • a sales pitch

If you had more impact, more engagement or more impressive delivery - what difference would that make to you?

Deliver an Engaging, Informative and Impactful Presentation
on Video

Andrew Marsh

Asperger's Superheroes Speaker

Thanks to Scott's help I won the PSA Scotland Speaker Factor 2020 competition - on video - and represented them in the national Professional Speaking Association UK & Ireland final.


Scott's gentle yet probing nature was ideal for me to get the best out of my talk. He helped hone it into shape in a sympathetic way, allowing me to use my own words and deliver the greatest impact.

We also worked on delivery which enabled me to overcome nerves.


I would happily recommend Scott to anyone wanting to get the best from their words to deliver an engaging, informative and impactful presentation.

It would have taken me 2-3 years to learn how to do what Scott helped me to achieve.


I became a confident speaker in my student days, winning team and individual trophies in 'mooting'.


You've heard of the saying 'a moot point' yeah? Well, 'mooting' is a legal debate for law students - and that's what led to me deciding, as a law student, to become a Barrister instead of a solicitor.

It also led to me becoming European Debating Champion and training World Champion Debaters.


See more on the Thinking On Your Feet page - what I call that very advanced presentation skills!


Mooting Champion

I would not have the skills or confidence in speaking today if it were not for Scott Johnston
Leeanne Bradley, 
Past President JCI Edinburgh 
Financial Adviser
World and European Debating Champion 

Scott is a passionate, enthusiastic and professional trainer. He has impeccable people skills and can make you feel instantly calm and confident.


His sessions are always imaginative, interesting and fun and the feedback we receive is always of the highest accreditation.


Building my confidence in Speaking and Debating resulted in me taking on the role of JCI Edinburgh President in 2014 and has greatly helped me in running my own business as an Independent Financial Adviser.


I would not have the skills or confidence in speaking today if it were not for Scott Johnston.

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