Not because you are weak,

Because you are ready to grow...

Time For You,

Working On You

Whether you are leading a team or delivering a professional support service, excellent relationship and 'business soft' skills are essential.

You’re an expert in your field. You need someone you can trust. Coming from the professional world, like you, I understand your concerns.

An external sounding board can be invaluable - no hidden agenda, utterly confidential and no risk of being judged for thinking out aloud.

You are ‘enjoying’ the challenge of leading people and teams.  In these highly competitive times, you are ready to now step up a gear. Or two.

Time For You

Mentoring or Coaching?

1-2-1 sessions can take many forms, including:

  • advice and skills training 

  • mentoring - 'what worked for me was...'

  • coaching - primarily listening and questioning, to draw out your own answers

I hope to hit the right balance between questioning like a lawyer and offering the support of a critical, trusted friend - without compromising on the need to challenge and hold you to account, if that is the purpose.

You want to be able to think out loud and speak openly, without any risk of hidden agenda or self-interest - something that can influence suggestions and advice from your colleagues. 

Only someone outside the business can provide that degree of complete objectivity. Focusing on your challenges and issues. 

You welcome the insight which helps you recognise strengths and blind spots that you may not be comfortable with.  


You look forward to becoming an even better leader.

Personal Presence

 Confidence. Influence. Gravitas. 

Whether for you it is personal, leadership or executive presence, we know what it is don't we?

We know when someone has it - and when they don't.

A positive aura or impressive first and lasting impressions.

Capable. Comfortable. Engaging. 

Let me help you to find it, build it or keep it! More...

There are a million different Leadership models and approaches (well maybe not quite a million!). This is mine.

It briefly guides you through my 5 essential elements of leadership: E-L-I-T-E.


To help you focus on what’s right – not just what’s right now. 


I'm sure it will be thought-provoking and practical, whether you are an established or an aspiring Leader.  

For your free copy of 'The ELITE Leader' ebook, simply fill in the details and hit submit.  I’ll email you back right away (you might need to check your junk email).

The ELITE Leader

20-page free e-book

5 essential elements of leadership: E-L-I-T-E

Focus on what’s right

not what’s right now

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"Saved Me Around £30,000"

"I was competent, intelligent and professional but completely debilitated by my situation, which was affecting both business and home life.


Scott brought instant clarity, as well as emotional support. With his legal insight and disarming ability to defuse a potentially very hostile situation, the outcome saved me around £30,000.”

SF, Wealth Management Specialist

Global Speakers Federation

Scott Johnston

2019 President of PSA Scotland

(part of the PSA UK & Ireland)

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