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Speaker & MC
Scott is a highly experienced presenter and accomplished speaker.
He is a Past President of PSA Scotland (part of the Professional Speaking Association).

'Courtroom to Boardroom'

Bringing the Skills of the Legal World

into Your Business World

 In Person and On Video 

As an 'Escaping Lawyer' I've been transitioning away from my Employment Law and HR Consultancy work for quite some time. I don't think I'll ever become the 'Escaped' Lawyer as I still enjoy it and it's good to keep my hand in with all the skills I now teach.

What I have really enjoyed for the past 10 or so years is working more and more as a Speaker, Trainer and Executive Coach. My signature message is to Be More Compelling - through the Personal Presence Accelerator™.

Training in specific Individual skills comes under my banner of 'Courtroom to Boardroom
™ - bringing the skills of the legal world into your business world.

On this page you will find out how I can speak for you, at an event or a team get-together - whether it's an interactive Masterclass or Bitesize Session, or more of a presentation-style keynote to motivate and inspire. There's also a video about being MC and I can facilitate challenging discussions and Board Meetings - where my Think On Your Feet work really is put into practice!

My speaking style is informal, engaging, facilitative, friendly, robust, systematic and 'outcome focused'. I want your team to learn - not just hear me 'holding court'.


A talk to inspire, educate or motivate your workforce or team.
A presentation of say 20 minutes up to 45 minutes - add in Q&A. Perhaps at an event or training course - or even just to start or close the day for your people.

Usually with limited interaction: not using breakout rooms or inviting participant contributions.

Will encourage use of the chat box for comments, questions and Yes/No interaction.

Also likely to involve interactive polls, 'hands up' and other available tools.

Masterclass and Bitesize Interactive Sessions

Learning through participation and knowledge-sharing.

Part presentation, part breakout and facilitated discussion.

Bitesize Sessions: great for team get-togethers
30-90 minutes
Start or End of the Day
Lunch n Learn

Masterclasses: deep dive and refreshers on particular topics.

Usually from 2 hours up to half  a day (or longer, if you're sure your team haven't become all zoomed out!).

Event Host/MC

An event host or MC can add a professional 'feel' to your event.
Someone to focus on the smooth-running of the event and acting as a seamless (or fun or interactive) transition between speakers.

Facilitated Discussions

Sometimes it helps to have a neutral, skilled communicator to help people speak to each other in challenging situations.


For individuals (mediation) and groups.

This is a talk I gave at #DisruptHRGlasgow in June 2019. It's based on advice I was given as a Bar student, by the country's then most senior Judge!


There are 20 slides, timed to advance every 15 seconds. You can't change it. It's called Pecha Kucha and it can really trip you up if you're not careful - or ready!!

I went for the 'entertaining with a bit of learning' approach for my 5 minutes. I was first speaker of the evening so had to set a high bar ('scuse the pun) - or maybe just lower the tone!! 

Keynote Speaking
In Person and On Video
Masterclass and Bitesize Sessions are designed to help your team 'learn by doing' - with an interactive approach. 
Topics are essentially aimed at skill-building and thought-provoking issues affecting your workplace and your workforce, whether that is across the whole business or is more team-focused. 
A Keynote is more of a presentation - with a degree of interactivity to keep attendees engaged and help the 'message' to stick.
Usually, this will be the Speaker sharing ideas and inspiration for perhaps 20, 40 or 60 minutes - and usually to impart or explain one particular idea or message.
Relevant topics
We are, of course, still in challenging times whilst we await the vaccine to bring more normality to our lives. You may have a mix of employees at work and working from home - it can all be a bit of a roller-coaster can't it.
These following topics are based on my experience as an Employment Lawyer, HR Consultant, Courtroom Advocate and various Leadership and Management roles.
Speaking Topics
in person and virtual
  • Be More Compelling: The Art and Science of How to Project Yourself with an Impressive and Compelling Personal Presence
  • Video Presence: How to make your conversations, presentations and interpersonal communications effective and engaging when speaking and presenting down the lens 
  • The ELITE Leader: My leadership model
  • Speechalicious - How to be an Impressive, Inspirational and Charismatic Speaker: We can design a session on Presentation Skills and Speaking in Public tailored to your exact requirements.  Whether for Information, Inspiration or Impact, I can set out how to deliver a whole range of different presentations from a 5-minute speech (not as easy as it sounds!), to a team or business presentation, important sales pitch, conference keynote - and everything in between!
  • Conflict: Managing, Avoiding and Reducing Conflict at Work - Building Bridges, Mending Fences and Moving On
  • Negotiate Like a Lawyer: Solving Disputes, Making Deals and Sharing the Ever-Shrinking Pie - whilst maintaining great relationships (if you want to) 

In addition, I can speak on a range of Employment Law and HR topics which you can see more about at my separate Employment Law website here (opens in new window).

Event MC / Compere

In this short video I give a couple of suggestions as to the role of the MC - and then there's me actually putting them into action.
This was when I was MC for a breakout session at the Spring Convention for PSA UK & Ireland (Professional Speaking Association).
 Scott Johnston​, MC 
 PSA UK & Ireland 
psa-logo-transparent - Copy.png
How often have you seen an event ruined by a bumbling idiot trying to introduce speakers and guests?
Or an awards ceremony go completely flat when the 'host' can't muster enough interest, let alone excitement?
And of course they run completely over time... 
I can help your events run smoothly with a professional, yet informal, feel - and make it a bit of fun too!

...informal, informative and made me rethink my approach

Mary McHugh
Occupational Health Nurse

Edinburgh College

I attended Scott’s Conflict at Work session at my staff day. I found the session informal, informative and it made me rethink my approach when  dealing with issues of conflict. I learned useful techniques like finishing a conversation on a positive and also the power of the word ‘BUT’.


I have already used some of the skills discussed during the session. Overall it was a very enjoyable workshop, and the speaker was very engaging.

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