Speaker & MC
Scott is a highly experienced presenter and accomplished speaker.
He is currently President of PSA Scotland (the Professional Speaking Association) having been a member for many years.

Disrupt HR - June 2019

This is a talk I gave at #DisruptHRGlasgow in June 2019. It's based on advice I was given as a Bar student, by the country's then most senior Judge!


There are 20 slides, timed to advance every 15 seconds. You can't change it. It's called Pecha Kucha and it can really trip you up if you're not careful - or ready!!

I went for the 'entertaining with a bit of learning' approach for my 5 minutes. I was first speaker of the evening so had to set a high bar ('scuse the pun) - or maybe just lower the tone!! 

Primary Speaking topics
I will readily deliver the following talks. You will see from this website that I deliver training on a number of additional topics and situations so do please ask if your area of interest is not specified below.
The Four Echelons of Presencivity™
> The Art and Science of How to Project Yourself with an Impressive and Credible Personal Presence - in person and on video
> ELITE Leaders (for aspiring and established leaders)
The 7 Super Seeds of Exceptional Professional Performance! 
> For new and aspiring leaders/managers and 'Young Professionals'
Negotiation and Conflict
> We are always negotiating
> Negotiation Nuggets (interactive mini-workshop)
> Conflict: Are you creating an atmosphere?
Thinking On Your Feet
> One of THE most impressive skills to acquire (mini-workshop and fun debating)
   See Think On Your Feet page for more
In addition, I can speak on a range of Employment Law and HR topics which you can see more about at my separate Employment Law website here (opens in new window).

Event MC / Compere

In this short video I give a couple of suggestions as to the role of the MC - and then there's me actually putting them into action.
This was when I was MC for a breakout session at the Spring Convention for PSA UK & Ireland (Professional Speaking Association).
 Scott Johnston​, MC 
 PSA UK & Ireland 
How often have you seen an event ruined by a bumbling idiot trying to introduce speakers and guests?
Or an awards ceremony go completely flat when the 'host' can't muster enough interest, let alone excitement?
And of course they run completely over time... 
I can help your events run smoothly with a professional, yet informal, feel - and make it a bit of fun too!

...informal, informative and made me rethink my approach

Mary McHugh
Occupational Health Nurse

Edinburgh College

I attended Scott’s Conflict at Work session at my staff day. I found the session informal, informative and it made me rethink my approach when  dealing with issues of conflict. I learned useful techniques like finishing a conversation on a positive and also the power of the word ‘BUT’.


I have already used some of the skills discussed during the session. Overall it was a very enjoyable workshop, and the speaker was very engaging.

Scott Johnston

2019 President of PSA Scotland

(part of the PSA UK & Ireland)

Global Speakers Federation

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