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You're a Business Leader, Business Owner or Ambitious Professional

You work hard - very hard - to support your clients' success.

You're proud. Very proud.

You want to do even more to be successful - for you and for those you serve. 


Professional Services

Supporting Your Clients' Success

You’re an expert in your field, ‘enjoying’ the challenge of leading people and working with teams. You aim to deliver to a high professional standard - and demand the same high standards from your trainer or coach - and rightly so.

You can be reassured that I will only work with you if I am sure I can deliver the skills and added value you seek.  If I can't, I will say so - and will hopefully introduce you to someone who can!


Getting the best out of your high performers takes a bit of thought. They are highly-qualified and paid to be challenging! Their questions might feel unhelpful - they might believe they cannot be managed...  More...

After 20 years in Employment Law, I understand your challenge in the business - How to strike the balance between supporting employees and supporting the business. You're the meat in the sandwich!  More...


You have a balance to strike, between the detail of the money side of your work and the confidence you need in working with people.

For many accountants and financiers, that doesn't always come naturally. More...


Coming from the professional world, like you,

I understand your challenges

For  business and organisations

Are you looking for intensive or extensive support, whether 1-2-1 for senior people or group training and coaching programmes?

Is it urgent or more planned?

Perhaps you need some objective input - a Facilitator or sounding board for challenging away-days or board discussions.

Looking for new opportunities to meet CIPD requirements - it's not only about technical skills, is it?

Or is it the varying challenges of dysfunctional or high performing teams?

For individuals

You're a leader or want to be. An ambitious professional looking to fast-track your career advancement.

Maybe you want to focus on a particular challenge. Often  that means communication, conflict or confidence.

Maybe it's leadership or relationship building - with colleagues or clients. Perhaps you are looking to become ready to step up to Partner or Director. Is there an interview or presentation looming?

You're ready to invest in yourself, to make progress - fast.



For 20 years, most of my Employment Law work has been with SME businesses of different sizes and from different sectors.


I understand that there are different pressures compared to running a big corporate or managing someone else's team. 

I find that your biggest challenges are usually related to people. Not the technical side of your business, whether you manufacture products or deliver a service. It's dealing with employee performance and 'attitude', poor management and poor leadership (which might even be your own).

people skills - not technical expertise

How to inspire your team - and your team leaders. How to be more comfortable and successful when networking and selling - and presenting your business in a sales pitch or even just in conversation.

How much are you leaving on the table?

You're great at running your business - but the people side is a different challenge completely, isn't it?


Whether it's Leadership or managing performance.  I call it 'the joy of employing people...'.


It's stressful and it's 'lonely at the top'.  More...




Bringing a unique mix of +25 years Courtroom Litigation and legal work in very human areas of the law.

Coupled with, for the last 10 or so of those years, increasingly focusing on my work as a Speaker, Trainer and Executive Coach.

Mull 2
sensible and sensitive approach

"Scott has been a great support through a very difficult business situation. Close friends and family shared my stress and their advice was understandably more angry than Scott’s practical, measured approach.

He really does bring a sensible and sensitive approach to analysing difficult, challenging situations. He helped me make the right decision for me, without telling me what to do or in any way judging me for the situation I had (partly) put myself in.

I had been completely stuck and just didn’t know how to move forward. By understanding my situation, offering welcome ideas and giving me a nudge in the right direction, then keeping in touch to make sure I kept the momentum going, Scott definitely helped me through a very trying time.”

CL, Business Owner

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