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Why me?

It’s an important question so let me take a moment to reassure you that you’re in the right place.

Though Scots born, I qualified as a Barrister in London, in 1990, and have been engaged in much more than only the law - having been back home in Scotland for many years now.


So my Scottish accent is quite soft - unless there's a Scotland game on the telly!

The ‘Mindset and Skillset’ from my varied experience is the foundation to helping you build on your success:

  • 25+ years litigating very painful ‘human’ areas of the law (family, abuse, employment law, bullying and harassment)

  • Working for and against global corporations and small business owners

  • Working with various experts in legal proceedings including psychiatrists and psychologists - as well as coaches and mentors in my own business


More than ‘Just a Lawyer’

me-ebook pink SAU_3148.jpg

We’ve all witnessed the fallout from poor leadership: the distraction, in-fighting and the dreaded internal politics; the bottom-line implications when good people – and good clients – walk away.

I can share with you my management and leadership experience and many years immersed in the wonderful world of personal development. This brings an added dimension when working with you – much more than being ‘just a lawyer’.

Oh, and I’ve learned from my fair share of mistakes too. Lots of mistakes! Haven’t we all?

Proactive not Reactive

Of course, there doesn’t have to be a ‘problem’ before you take action. Proactive is so much more effective than reactive, isn’t it?

I understand the difficult balancing act between delivering technical expertise and enhancing your leadership capacity and professional skills.

Working together we can boost your professional performance and fine-tune your leadership; we can ‘Raise the Bar’ (sorry, I just couldn’t resist the pun!).

Growing your team

A key focus for you may be skills development for your fee earners and people managers.  Alongside Employment Law work, I’ve been training these ‘softer’ skills for many years.

That might mean bolstering client care and management skills or  negotiating and networking; or for some it's confidence-building.

Group facilitation, with highly-interactive sessions, not just 'chalk and talk' would be ideal for their development.

'The Spirit of Joy' Award

Saturday @ PSA Inspire 2019-714.jpg

Presented 'The Spirit of Joy' inaugural award
by John and Charlie Marsden - Joy's husband and son

In honour of our much-loved 2018-19 PSA President

Joy Marsden

We sadly lost Joy during her term in office as President of the Professional Speaking Association of UK and Ireland.  'The Spirit of Joy Award' was a fitting tribute and PSA legacy. 


The Award recognises the spirit that Joy brought to everything she did, namely Joy, Energy, Resilience, Selflessness, a Desire to Serve Others and a Willingness to Support Fellow Speakers - with Tough Love When Needed...

I had the honour and privilege to be presented with the inaugural award in 2019 by Joy's family, in a very emotional presentation. There's a video of the presentation here.

For information about the PSA visit

The last time I met Joy was when she visited PSA Scotland in November 2018, at the very beginning of her time in office - and  I was President of PSA Scotland. I presented Joy with a baby Ness. She loved it! 


Joy was an absolute inspiration. Joy's message to the world was to 'Keep Stepping'.

Joy Award.jpg
Joy-nessie - Copy.jpg

National President,

European Champion and 'The Rock'

I had the honour to be National President of JCI Scotland 2004.
JCI (Junior Chamber International) is a voluntary, international network for young professionals in over 100 countries.
It was amazing to travel the world, participating in large-scale, multi‑lingual Board Meetings in Europe, America and Japan as well as loads of wonderful self-development training. There was a social side too...

As 'Scott from Scotland' I was a renowned international trainer in Negotiation and Debating, having captained the Scottish team which became European Debating Champions - and I've trained world champions too.

In the spirit of 'giving back' I became a regular trainer and mentor - so was delighted and very proud to be awarded the inaugural 'The Rock' award for 10+ years support to members.

The Award was presented to me by National President Lesley Fowler - whom I had awarded Best New Member when I had been National President some years earlier! That made it all the more special.

I learned so much and highly recommend JCI for everyone in their 20's and 30's. Ask me for details or visit

Presented 'The Rock'

by National President Lesley Fowler

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