Inaugural Winner of

PSA UK & Ireland

'Spirit of Joy' Award

In honour of our much-loved

2018-19 President 

Joy Marsden

To embody the spirit that Joy brought to everything she did, namely Joy, Energy, Resilience, Selflessness, a Desire to Serve Others and a Willingness to Support Fellow Speakers - with Tough Love When Needed...

Nov 2018

After a brilliant night when Joy delivered her motivational 'Keep Stepping' message to PSA Scotland, I was delighted to present Joy with a wee 'Happy Ness'

It was also the last time I was with Joy

October 2019

It was a huge honour and privilege - and surprise! - to be the first recipient of this special, emotional yet uplifting award at what would have been Joy's National Convention.

This is a (loud) emotional video of the whole presentation including Joy's husband John and son Charlie

(with pictures below)

Global Speakers Federation

Scott Johnston

2019 President of PSA Scotland

(part of the PSA UK & Ireland)

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