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Inaugural Winner of PSA UK & Ireland
'Spirit of Joy' Award

In honour of our much-loved
2018-19 President 
Joy Marsden

To embody the spirit that Joy brought to everything she did, namely Joy, Energy, Resilience, Selflessness, a Desire to Serve Others and a Willingness to Support Fellow Speakers - with Tough Love When Needed...

Joy-nessie - Copy.jpg

After a brilliant night when Joy delivered her motivational 'Keep Stepping' message to PSA Scotland, I was delighted to present Joy with a wee 'Happy Ness'

It was also the last time I was with Joy.

Nov 2018

October 2019

It was a huge honour and privilege - and surprise! - to be the first recipient of this special, emotional yet uplifting award at what would have been Joy's National Convention.

This is a (loud) emotional video of the whole presentation including Joy's husband John and son Charlie (with pictures below).

Saturday @ PSA Inspire 2019-364.jpg
Saturday @ PSA Inspire 2019-365.jpg
Saturday @ PSA Inspire 2019-714.jpg
Saturday @ PSA Inspire 2019-369.jpg
Joy Award.jpg
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