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Be So Compelling They Can't Ignore You

 In Person and On Video 

Become a compelling leader

within 90 days

with the Gravitas Elevator™

Be. More. Compelling.

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The Personal Presence Accelerator™ 

One-page diagnostic for immediate self-diagnosis and your solution

It sets out a road map for you to Build Your Gravitas so that you can Be More Compelling.

To get there fast-track.

I'll also send you occasional email and video tips - you can unsubscribe at any time, of course.

Fill in your details now - I'll send you both the one-sheet and link to a 15-minute explainer video.

You've heard of a 'Compelling story' haven't you?

Where you're hanging on every word, gripped to know what's coming next.

A great speaker - or a book that you just can't put down, a real page-turner. You're engrossed and can't wait for more.

Or a compelling argument that you just can't rebut, it is more commanding than any other point.

Or a website that keeps you scrolling and scrolling because the content is so 'Compelling'.

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Speaking - story-telling - at Disrupt-HR Glasgow

You too can be 'Compelling'

Confidence. Influence.

'Be More Compelling'

The Transformational Coaching Programme

121 or in small groups

Totally tailored and bespoke, not off-the-shelf. 

Sessions once or twice a month over 3-6 months, with additional support in between sessions. Group programmes include some 121 time.


This is for you if you are ready to:

  • Stop holding back and being overlooked 

  • Get out of your own way - breakthrough your self-imposed glass ceiliing

  • Hit the peak - not be stuck at plateau

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Be SO Compelling They Can't Ignore You

Do you need to 'turn it up'? Or for you is it actually more about how to 'tone it down?


Together, we can build and elevate your:

  • Level of Confidence:         The Confidence Elevator

  • Ability to Influence:          The Influence Elevator

  • Measure of Gravitas:        The Gravitas Elevator 

You can learn how to 'out influence' the room - if that's what you want.


Of course, it might not be. So the results that suit YOU mean we need to talk it over and design a programme just for You.


A programme devised in relation to your particular, specific needs, goals and objectives. Likely to include most, if not all, of the following depending upon timeframes and your level of experience and skills:

  • Project yourself with an impressive and compelling personal presence

  • 'Start With Me' - manage your mindset

  • Confidence, Influence and Gravitas

  • Charisma

  • We are Always negotiating


  • Conflict Confidence - Conflict Competence

  • Business development, sales and networking

  • Presentations and speaking in public

  • Think On Your Feet, Speak Off-the-Cuff

Let's have a chat - completely free, no obligation at all. Let's see if we're a good fit and explore the kinds of areas where you are ready to 'raise the Bar'. Let's talk what level of investment suits your budget, your desired outcomes and your timeframes.

Book a 30-minute call direct to my diary and let's find out if we fit. If we don't, I might know someone else who is a better fit for you. So, go on - book a call. We can speak on the phone or on zoom.

Thanks. Speak soon.

I saved £10,000 -
in just ONE conversation!
Saved £10,000 in one conversation
Maggie Georgopoulos, author
Up The Ladder In A Skirt

I have had the privilege of Scott's Negotiation Expertise through a number of forums from training sessions to coaching over the years.


Most recently I managed to remember all these little nuggets at a critical time which saved me £10,000 in a business deal - in just ONE conversation!

I could not have done it without Scott's training and coaching giving me the confidence to go in there and actually ask for what I wanted.

Mentor or Coach?


1-2-1 sessions can take many forms, including:

  • advice and skills training 

  • mentoring - 'what worked for me was...'

  • coaching - primarily listening and questioning, to draw out your own answers

I hope to hit the right balance between questioning like a lawyer and offering the support of a critical, trusted friend.


Yet without compromising on the need to challenge and hold you to account, if that is the purpose.

Do you need to 'turn it up'? Or for you is it actually more about how to 'tone it down?


Let's have a chat - completely free, no obligation at all. Book a 30-minute call direct to my diary and let's find out if we fit. 


Not because you are weak,

Because you are ready to grow...

Sounding Board

Only someone outside the business can provide that degree of complete objectivity. Focusing on your challenges and issues. 


Well intentioned colleagues and friends are often unable to give objective feedback or take the risk of saying what you don't want to hear.

With me, you can think out loud and speak openly, without any risk of hidden agenda or self-interest.


As a Barrister, I am always committed to complete and utter confidentiality in my legal work and that also applies to our time together. 

Saved Me Around £30,000


Wealth Management Specialist

I was competent, intelligent and professional but completely debilitated by my situation, which was affecting both business and home life.


Scott brought instant clarity, as well as emotional support. With his legal insight and disarming ability to defuse a potentially very hostile situation, the outcome saved me around £30,000.

Time For You,

Working On You

You are ‘enjoying’ the challenge of leading people and delivering your professional service. 


In these highly competitive times, you are ready to now step up a gear.

Or two.

An external sounding board can be invaluable - no hidden agenda, utterly confidential.


No risk of being judged for thinking out aloud.


You need someone you can trust.

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