There's a certain expectation...

You're in finance. You're dealing with money - whether it's in your business or for your client. 

That brings a certain pressure. It can be a real buzz - or really scary!

Then there's the people side of the business. Getting the best from yourself and your team. Conflict. Performance issues perhaps. CPD. Confidence with people yet also great attention to detail.

Certainly, there's client relationships to build and more business to secure.

For some, it's an uncomfortable challenge.

"Impressed with the flair and professionalism with which you delivered the training"

"Many thanks for your help in delivering the Management Development Programme, which was vital in our recent history as an organisation.


We were all impressed with the flair and professionalism with which you delivered the training. It is especially difficult to train lawyers (as you well know) - especially if they are in argumentative mood(!).


The MDP has been well received and worth the investment. We will try to maintain the standards and approach you have introduced."

Learning and Development - Lead

within a branch of Civil Service 

The Highest of Standards

As professionals we have such high standards when it comes to ethics and the service we deliver - a dented reputation can do long-lasting business damage.

That brings a challenge in leading a team of accountants or other financial professionals. You are paid to be professional; to express and justify your opinions and come up with creative solutions to knotty issues - not just to do as you are told!

So we need to balance the challenge of supporting others to be expressive yet without being disruptive. Some go too far - some not far enough

A Demanding Profession

The hours are usually long and the rewards usually good. Burnout is a big issue though.


Not just from workload and keeping up-to-date with never-ending developments in the law and best practice. There's the challenge of bringing in more business and leading a team.

Sometimes seemingly super-confident high-fliers suffer a loss of confidence. When this happens in a high-performance, demanding environment someone's perceived weakness can create serious worries:

  • Will their work quantity and quality suffer?

  • Can a reputation once questioned ever be fully re-captured?

  • If you mention it, will they welcome the support - or feel the need to hide any potential concerns and struggle through?


There are SO many ways I'd love to help.

As I understand the Mindset and Skillset challenges professionals face, I feel well-placed to deliver the right help and support for you and your team.

1-2-1 for senior leaders and aspiring partners

A confidential sounding board.

A risk-free place to express new ideas and work through inner fears. Discuss climbing the career ladder or moving to a new firm - or new career...

Develop your 'Presence' - confidence, influence and gravitas - your Leadership and Business Development.

Working through those uncomfortable 'people challenges' - whether management, leadership or peers. Or clients.

Group Facilitation

for leaders and fee earners


Regular group sessions to discuss new ideas and business/people development.

A facilitator for 'away-day' business and team development 

CIPD Skills Refreshers for

Fee Earners and trainees

  • Negotiation

  • Presentation Skills

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Leadership and Management

  • Arguing/Debating/Thinking On Your Feet

"Saved Me Around £30,000"

"I was competent, intelligent and professional but completely debilitated by my situation, which was affecting both business and home life.


Scott brought instant clarity, as well as emotional support. With his legal insight and disarming ability to defuse a potentially very hostile situation, the outcome saved me around £30,000.”

SF, Wealth Management Specialist

Global Speakers Federation

Scott Johnston

2019 President of PSA Scotland

(part of the PSA UK & Ireland)

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