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Think On Your Feet

Speak Off-the-Cuff

Do you know what to say... 

but only 5 minutes later?!

Thinking On Your Feet  is a skill - and a programme - which will undoubtedly help you and your team develop the most challenging of all the communication and presentation skills: the ability to speak effectively with little preparation or ‘off-the-cuff’.

It’s essential when in meetings, negotiating or dealing with conflict. Yet for so very many people it is their very worst nightmare!


Do you absolutely dread the Q&A after a talk or presentation? Let's say you just delivered a great prepared presentation. Then you let yourself down with lots of umm’s and err’s and waffling round the houses when trying to answer questions without your script.

Or is this you?


Do you speak to the media?

That can be TV, radio and of course online. You need to be have a very clear message to get across - regardless of what you're asked - and to deal with whatever else crops up. A real danger zone - and one for the real experts!

I can bring my experience from the Courtroom - and as a World Champion Debate Trainer - to take away a lot of the fear and help you excel in this, the pinnacle of extreme communication.

Your ability – or inability – to speak up and engage naturally can absolutely kill your credibility and cost you a LOT of business. 

Or bring you big wins!

Media Interviews
From complete novice speaker to 
World Champion Debater
in only two years!
Leeanne Bradley, 
Past President JCI Edinburgh 
Financial Adviser
World and European Debating Champion 

I went along to my first JCI Debating academy in March 2012 hosted by Scott Johnston. I had never seen a live Debate so I was very much a novice.


By the end of the day, I was taking part in my first proper Debate.  

Scott has highly supported me in Debating and Public speaking since. The training paid off in 2014 as I was Captain of the winning Debating teams at both the JCI European and JCI World congresses.


I don’t believe any team has won both competitions in the same year.


Skill for Business - Skill for Life

Like all skills, Thinking On Your Feet can be learned and can be improved over time. 


It is the most consummate of communication skills, for those who want the confidence to stand out from the crowd.

We could run a one-off workshop – it’s great fun, so ideal for team-building.  

Complete novices often leave the room feeling wonderful, having amazed themsleves. Of course, to really develop this gift - to create real skill and confidence - a programme of a few sessions will make a world of difference.

This programme is great for experienced speakers as well as those who are a complete nervous wreck (don’t worry, you are NOT alone!). 

You Can Be

Clear. Concise. Convincing.

AdobeStock_190473673 - Arctic.jpeg

Think On Your Feet

- The Programme -

You will learn the Mindset and Skillset so that you can feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations:

  • Confidence and Self-Belief

  • The 5 Core Constructs™ to Thinking On Your Feet

  • How to NEVER be stuck for words ever again - and still have something interesting and intelligent to say

  • 3 different styles of conversation and presentation to deploy when you have no time to prepare at all

...and much more

Contact Scott now for an informal chat to see how this can help you and your team.

It's great fun too - so is ideal for team building

and keeping your team engaged

Debate Champions of Europe.jpg

World Champion Debate Trainer

I was very fortunate to have been extensively involved in JCI (Junior Chamber International) - a voluntary network of about 180,000 active citizens aged 20-40 years from 100 countries and territories all over the globe.

As well as being National President of JCI Scotland I thoroughly enjoyed the cut and thrust of Debating. I was able to use my training as a Barrister and add in the more 'knock-about' and fun aspects of thinking on our feet - against some extremely competitive young professionals from a range of professions. 

In these team competitions, I became champion of JCI Glasgow and JCI Scotland and we went to also become European Champions (pictured, in Poitiers, France 2005).

Think in bullet points

not perfectly prosaic paragraphs

JCI World Champion Debater 2019

For over 10 years I have been training the Mindset and Skillset of debating across Scotland, Ireland and many European countries. On a couple of occasions I have trained all or nearly all of the finalists in the two teams reaching competitive finals.

Although I am a mere European champion, I have trained numerous European and World Champions from 2014-2020, from Scotland, England, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands and Norway.

At the Tri-Nations Debating Academy I led in January 2020 - for JCI Scotland, Ireland and 'UK South' (as I call it - UK minus Scotland) - I was privileged to have on the training 2 of the current, reigning World Champions.

Ben kindly said a few kind words in this video. I was delighted that even a World Champion took away loads from the weekend's training.

What made it even better still was that in the European Debating Championships in June 2020, the Final was contested by teams from Scotland and UK.


I was very proud that all 6 finalists had taken part in the Academy that I had led.

Even better than that, the judges voted Scotland as Champions!


experienced and less confident speakers were able to stretch themselves

"No-one who entered that room
left as the same person!"

Based on his litigation and debating expertise, Scott led an informal and interactive half-day practical workshop by the end of which everyone had indeed been thinking on their feet and speaking off-the-cuff.


Both experienced and less confident speakers were able to fully participate and stretch themselves to learn and practice this most challenging of skills.


I am delighted to recommend Scott and look forward to his future sessions at SIBL.

Drew Pryde, Chairman

Scottish Institute of Business Leaders

"I enjoyed one of Scott's 'Thinking On Your Feet' half-day sessions, with a small group for business and leaders.  Let me just say this.

No-one who entered that room left as the same person."

Gordon, marketing consultant

TOYF sarcy 1.png

The Skill of Debating

I ran a debating club in Glasgow - with informal training and fun, practical sessions. The following are just some of the real reviews from Members - you'll find more at this page What Clients Say.

"The original Mrs Jelly -

I am inspired"

Scott is an encouraging, positive teacher who put us at our ease. He master-minded another excellent session, training a varied skill group with a pacey, fun and informal evening.

These sessions encourage the mighty and the meek! The original Mrs Jelly, I am inspired by Scott's unique training ability... and it's fun!


very useful to daily working life
First timer and really enjoyed the session. Scott provided us with some great hints and tips on preparing, delivering and concluding a debate. Still got a way to go on my debating skills, but Scott made the session fun, engaging and very useful to daily working life. 


Highly recommended if you're terrified of public speaking

Highly recommended if you're terrified of public speaking and want to get better in a friendly, supportive environment.


This is the full version of Leeanne's wonderfully kind LinkedIn testimonial - you may have seen a summary peppered across the website.  I'm so very proud of Leeanne's achievements!
"From complete novice speaker to 
World Champion Debater
in only two years!"

I attended my first JCI Debating Academy in March 2012 hosted by Scott Johnston. I had never seen a live Debate so was very much a novice.  I had hoped to sit at the back and watch some of the more experienced members and just soak it all up. But this is not the kind of training Scott provides!  

The session was interactive from the start and we were all taking part in various exercises straight away. Making me get out of my comfort zone from the outset allowed me to gain so much more from the session. By the end of the day, I was taking part in my first proper Debate.

Scott has highly supported me in Debating and Public Speaking since 2012. That year I entered both the Public Speaking and Debating competitions at the JCI Scotland National Conference and, with Scott by my side providing invaluable feedback and support, I continued the journey.

Leeanne Bradley,
Past President JCI Edinburgh 

The training paid off in 2014. I was Captain of the winning Debating teams at both the JCI European and World Conferences. I don’t believe any team has won both competitions in the same year. Had I not been encouraged by Scott from the very first time I met him, I would never have entered these competitions let alone think I’d have any chance of winning.


Scott then invited me to assist him in his Debating Training workshops. Again, I had no confidence to ever think about becoming a Trainer but Scott’s approach has now allowed me to develop further skills I didn’t think I’d have.  I was then Lead Debating Trainer at JCI Ireland Spring Conference and the Youth Scotland Conference at Stirling University.

Scott is a passionate, enthusiastic and professional trainer. He has impeccable people skills and can make you feel instantly calm and confident. His sessions are always imaginative, interesting and fun and the feedback we receive is always of the highest accreditation. He really cares about the people who attend his sessions and has a genuine interest in helping them to improve their communication skills.


Building my confidence in Speaking and Debating resulted in me taking on the role of JCI Edinburgh President in 2014 and has greatly helped me in running my own business as an Independent Financial Adviser.


I would not have the skills or confidence in speaking today if it were not for Scott Johnston.

Leeanne Bradley,
Financial Adviser,
Past President JCI Edinburgh 
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