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Bitesize Sessions

30-90 minutes

Engaging and Interactive Group Sessions

for Your Team

Helping your Team 'Keep-in-Touch'

with light learning sessions

A learning purpose - with a relationship side effect (or vice versa!)

Do you find it hard to have a good reason for your Team to meet online?

We know that it's vitally important to have Team get-togethers and check-ins. Especially in the virtual world, whether that's for morale and well-being, productivity or maintaining expertise and relationships.

Team Meetings 'for the sake of meeting' can be seen as a waste of time. But these facilitated sessions are highly interactive, so they're great at getting your Team speaking to each other - the time will pass very quickly.

This can be crucial if your workplace, and your Team's working patterns, have been heavily disrupted due to the current global situation.

Ideal for start, middle or

end of day Team 'get togethers' 

Breakfast Bites
Lunch n Learn  
Twilight Talks
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Bringing the skills of the legal world into your business world 

only 30-90 minutes

 Bitesize Session Topics 

*Outlines below*

Personal Presence
My Video Presence
ELITE Leader
Think On Your Feet
Negotiation Nuggets
My Conflict Coach
Presentation Skills
Sales Refresher
Media Interviews

All topics can be run for longer sessions if you prefer    Up to half a day or full day

See Masterclasses page

 Bitesize Sessions Format

As 'Bitesize' Sessions these are designed to be short-ish interactive sessions to give your Team the opportunity, and a reason, to speak to each other - to work together, sometimes with a bit of encouragement.

The training element is designed not to be a lecture where people sit and listen. It could be, if that's all you are looking for, but I'm hoping that it brings much more than that.​

Ideally, I can present something on the topic for a few minutes, based on your learning objectives, then create some discussion points for your team to mull over in small breakout groups.

Perfect for Team engagement
sharing ideas or just a
great reason to get together
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Then we bring everyone back together and 'share the love' - where I facilitate the Team sharing ideas and thoughts on what's been discussed. Without over-pressurising anyone to speak, the discussion is designed to be all-inclusive (depending how many are attending).

Each breakout group can have different topics - where we cover much more ground and there's more participation - or can discuss the same topic or issue and, therefore, there will be a little less participation as after the first few comments, it would probably start to become repetitive. We select the right format for the outcomes you want to achieve.

Maybe you have less of a learning outcome and more of a 'reason to speak with colleagues' outcome. If that's the priority, we can keep the learning light and have a little more of a light-hearted, engaging approach (for example, more of a 'what not to do' kind of session).

We can decide that in our pre-session conversation and set that out in the invite to the Team when setting the session up.

Impressed with the flair and professionalism with which you delivered the training

Learning and Development - Lead

within a branch of Civil Service 

Many thanks for your help in delivering the Management Development Programme, which was vital in our recent history as an organisation.


We were all impressed with the flair and professionalism with which you delivered the training. It is especially difficult to train lawyers (as you well know) - especially if they are in argumentative mood(!).


The MDP has been well received and worth the investment. We will try to maintain the standards and approach you have introduced.

Let's Chat...


Please get in touch and we can have an initial, no-obligation chat about the kind of session and the topics that would be of interest to you and your team.


Feel free to pick up the phone - I'll answer if I can - or send an email. Details at top and foot of the page.


You can use the contact form or book a phone or video call direct into my schedule with the 'Book a Call' button.

Look forward to speaking with you.

Complementary Discovery Call booked directly into my diary

Bitesize Session Outlines

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My Video Presence
Confident, Comfortable and Credible on Camera
Are you a 'nervous newbie' feeling daunted about the increasing use of video conferencing? 

Feeling awkward and want to overcome your nerves?

We'll help you build your Compelling Video Presence.
MBA-Leadership female.jpg
ELITE Leader
5 Essential Elements of the ELITE Leader
In these challenging times leadership is especially crucial. Furlough, illness,  remote teams, hybrid teams, home working.

Are the leaders in your business engaging with and supporting their teams? Who helps you?
Think On Your Feet

Do you know what to say... 

but only 5 minutes later?!

A skill which will undoubtedly help your team. Essential  for meetings, negotiating, sales, resolving conflict and more.

Yet for so very many people it is their very worst nightmare! But lke all skills it can be learned - and honed with practice.
Negotiation Nuggets
How to  Act, Respond and React in Your Day-to-Day Negotiations  
An informal, light-hearted look at How to Negotiate - with serious learning too.

What can the Duracell Bunny, the Spice Girls and '50 Shades of Grey' teach us about Negotiating?

How to Negotiate Like a Lawyer.
My Conflict Coach
How to Fix-Not-Fight When Tensions are Rising...
We don't have to lock horns, do we?
Conflict is a fact of daily life - so we need to be able to Manage, Reduce and even Avoid Conflict.

Causes, solutions and healthy relationship outcomes.

Finding some positives in conflict.
Presentation Skills
Preparing for your next big or small presentation
Whether you a nervous newbie or already quite comfortable, let's see where you need to 'Raise the Bar' ('scuse the pun!).

Coming soon: Speechalicious™ 
online programme and book . 

Tweak - or transformation?
success female.jpg
Sales Refresher
Replenish Your Sales Mindset and Skillset
Whether you've been away from work for a while, or just need a refresher.

Using my 'STOP selling' methodology - a reminder that it's not about pushy sales, but about helping people buy.
Developing Contacts, Relationships and Business 
Become more comfortable with small, informal - yet purposeful - conversations. They can lead to big opportunities. 

Understand my 3-step approach "Heard. Remembered. Referred."  methodology and build engaging relationships along the way.
Media Interviews
Getting your message across when the pressure's on
Whether it's a crisis or a promotion, the media can be a a double-edged sword when putting you in front of a camera or microphone.

My 6C's formula helps you get your message across - without being all evasive, like a bad politician!
Bitesize Outlines


Wealth Management Specialist

Saved me around £30,000

As a professional I was completely debilitated by my situation, affecting both business and home life.
Scott brought instant clarity and emotional support. The outcome, saved me around £30,000


Asperger's Superheroes Speaker

It would have taken me 2-3 years to learn what Scott helped me to achieve.

I recommend Scott if you want help to deliver an engaging, informative and impactful presentation on video.

Up The Ladder In A Skirt

I saved £10,000 - in just ONE conversation!


I could not have done it without Scott's training and coaching giving me the confidence to go in there and actually ask for what I wanted.

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