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Scottish Expo May 2021
Special Offer 

Available until 7pm Friday 21st May

So, act quick and let me know of your interest

because I have full-fee campaigns going out next week!

Whether you saw me speak at the event or not, I would like to extend this offer to you as part of the Scottish Expo network,

and as a thank you to Andrew for inviting me to speak

Here are the slides from the session

In the Expo Seminar I spoke about '5 Massive Mistakes Business Owners Make In Your Virtual Negotiations'.

So obviously we can work together on how you speak and present on video and 'upping your negotiation game' - to stop 'writing invisible cheques' as I call it.


But there's much more we can cover under what I call 'Courtroom to Boardroom - Bringing the Skills of the Legal World, into Your Business World'.

I saved £10,000 -
in just ONE conversation!
Saved £10,000 in one conversation
Maggie Georgopoulos, author

Not a Barista!

You'll see from a quick tour of this website that the areas we can focus are:

  • Personal Presence

  • Leadership

  • Thinking On Your Feet

  • Sales and Networking

  • Negotiation and Conflict

  • Handling Media Interviews

  • Presentation Skills and Speaker Coach

I bring you 30 years as a Barrister-turned Speaker, Trainer, Executive Coach.

(No, not a Barista!)

What I do is 'Unmask Your Mindset' - to help you develop strong, positive thinking and self-talk (releasing you from Imposter Syndrome, which affects so many of us)...

...and teach you the Skillset you need.


Build Your Gravitas

Be More Compelling

I do recognise that my usual fees would be more than solopreneurs and small businesses would feel comfortable with - no matter how much the difference it can make to your business and your life.

As a thank you to Andrew for inviting me to speak, and in recognition of these challenging times, I am very happy to offer affordable options both for 1-2-1 and group sessions.

So, I hope there is something for everyone and that the options are affordable for you, but numbers are limited at these low fee levels so this is an offer open for just over 24 hours.

Let me add to that though. I will also give 2 'no charge' 1-2-1 sessions (one each for 2 people) for those who are genuinely finding business exceptionally tough right now. I will take it on good faith, you won't need to prove it; it will be confidential between us. I have had my own times of real financial struggle and failure, so if I can help those who need it most, I see that as another Win-Win-Win.

So, here's the 3 options (plus the complimentary sessions) - you can select what you are most interested in by submitting the form below:

Negotiation Nuggets.jpg
Negotiation Nuggets

What can the Spice Girls, ’50 Shades of Grey’ and the Duracell Bunny teach us about Negotiating?

Wee golden negotiation nuggets
in your inbox twice a week

3 x 1-2-1 60-mins sessions 


up to 30 mins email/video review between sessions


Usually £1,000

Special Offer £400

4 available

4 x group sessions

60 minutes each

2 weeks apart - agreed dates

(try to avoid holidays)

Minimum 4, max12 members

Special Offer

only £249

per person for all 4

1 x 1-2-1 session 

90 minutes plus

20 mins follow-up

(about 1 month later)

Special Offer

only £195

Money Back Guarantee

If, in the first session, you don't have at least 3 genuine strategies that can bring you a greater return than your investment, you can request a full no-quibble refund within 48 hours

For the Group sessions - indicate your interest in the dropdown menu and I'll contact you to see if we can find dates that suit everyone.

As for content, see below
 for a suggestion - but I'm flexible. We will also have a 'business hot-seat' or two each session, so most members should have (at least) one of those.
Fill in the form to indicate your preference in the dropdown selector - either group sessions, 121 sessions or both.

You're not committing to payment - you are expressing genuine interest. I'll contact you to arrange dates and take payment.
Group sessions proposed outline:
  1. Sales and Negotiation: my 'STOP selling' methodology and sales questioning skills (without making it a cross-examination!)
  2. Networking: Be Heard. Be Remembered. Be Referred. Craft your compelling short statement. Deliver it with confidence and credibility
  3. Personal Presence: Build Your Gravitas, Be More Compelling​
  4. You choose the 4th session!
I saved £10,000 -
in just ONE conversation!
Saved £10,000 in one conversation
Maggie Georgopoulos, author
Up The Ladder In A Skirt

I have had the privilege of Scott's Negotiation Expertise through a number of forums from training sessions to coaching over the years.


Most recently I managed to remember all these little nuggets at a critical time which saved me £10,000 in a business deal - in just ONE conversation!

I could not have done it without Scott's training and coaching giving me the confidence to go in there and actually ask for what I wanted.

Wealth Management Specialist

saved me around £30,000

As a professional I was completely debilitated by my situation, affecting both business and home life..
Scott brought instant clarity and emotional support. The outcome, saved me around £30,000

Professional Man Smiling



One of the main issues I took away from the negotiation skills workshop was gaining a better awareness of when/how other people were negotiating with me.


Knowing the different kinds of negotiation tactics helps me to spot them.

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