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What can the Spice Girls, ’50 Shades of Grey’ and the Duracell Bunny
teach us about Negotiating?

You’ll find out at my ‘Negotiation Nuggets’ workshops!


It's a fun way to remember some of the tactics and techniques you can use in your negotiations - as well as a look at some of the dirty tricks that may be used against you.

Until then, sign up for Negotiation Nuggets on this page and I’ll email you a new ‘nugget’ once or twice a week – NOT a big long article that will take ages to read, just a ‘quick tip’ to guide, mentor and inspire you in your day-to-day negotiations.

Go on – sign up!


Because we’re always negotiating…

Negotiation Nuggets

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Here are a couple of examples of the Negotiation Nuggets that I’ll send you when you sign up:

When making a concession, ask for something in return

A good time to get a concession from others is when you have agreed to do something or give something up.

Sometimes it helps to test the water before committing to that concession.


This is a very useful question:

“If I do that for you, what will you do for me?”

Prioritise your priorities


Know in advance which are most and least important so that, if you have to, you can give up an option.


Under pressure, you instantly know which to give most or least attention and priority to.

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