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What clients say


Here is a sample of the positive comments I am delighted to have received from clients and from workshop participants. You'll see many of them, or extracts from them, throughout the website.

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"Saved Me Around £30,000"

"I was competent, intelligent and professional but completely debilitated by my situation, which was affecting both business and home life.


Scott brought instant clarity, as well as emotional support. With his legal insight and disarming ability to defuse a potentially very hostile situation, the outcome saved me around £30,000.”

SF, Wealth Management Specialist

"sensible and sensitive approach"

"Scott has been a great support through a very difficult business situation. Close friends and family shared my stress and their advice was understandably more angry than Scott’s practical, measured approach.

He really does bring a sensible and sensitive approach to analysing difficult, challenging situations. He helped me make the right decision for me, without telling me what to do or in any way judging me for the situation I had (partly) put myself in.

I had been completely stuck and just didn’t know how to move forward. By understanding my situation, offering welcome ideas and giving me a nudge in the right direction, then keeping in touch to make sure I kept the momentum going, Scott definitely helped me through a very trying time.”

CL, Business Owner

"to praise Scott and his material"

“My company hosted an annual conference and training event for our franchisee partners.


The entire group responded positively and found tangible and lasting benefit. Several delegates proactively contacted me after the event to praise both Scott and his material and spoke highly of how relevant they found the experience.

Scott was particularly easy to deal with when arranging the event and responded to last minute requests very positively. I can highly recommend Scott and we will certainly be using his services in the future.”
Carolyn Dunion, Managing Director
Contempo Lettings

"I still remember your training"

“Whenever negotiating I still remember your training and how the other person is looking for something too, understanding what that is and working with that.

Your training is practical tips from someone that is practical and relevant – and in the real world – that people can use and remember easily.”

Alastair Davis, Chief Executive,
Social Investment Scotland

"Impressed with the flair and professionalism with which you delivered the training"

"Many thanks for your help in delivering the Management Development Programme, which was vital in our recent history as an organisation.


We were all impressed with the flair and professionalism with which you delivered the training. It is especially difficult to train lawyers (as you well know) - especially if they are in argumentative mood(!).


The MDP has been well received and worth the investment. We will try to maintain the standards and approach you have introduced."

Learning and Development - Lead

within a branch of Civil Service 


"a better awareness"

“One of the main issues I took away from the negotiation skills workshop was gaining a better awareness of when/how other people were negotiating with me.


Knowing the different kinds of negotiation tactics helps me to spot them”

Iain Brown, Solicitor

"I saved £10,000 -
in just ONE conversation!"
Maggie Georgopoulos, author

"I have had the privilege of Scott's Negotiation Expertise through a number of forums from training sessions to coaching over the years. Most recently I managed to remember all these little nuggets at a critical time which saved me £10,000 in a business deal - in just ONE conversation!

I could not have done it without Scott's training and coaching giving me the confidence to go in there and actually ask for what I wanted."

JCI Edinburgh Negotiating Skills

Review by Nick Manuel and Nicolette Glashan

"a lively and humorous speaker with some valuable lessons...

Definitely one not to be missed"

Scott's enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject helped to alleviate some of the fear factor associated with negotiating and stop the gun-slinging styles of the past. Some excellent pointers and simple tools for everyone to be better prepared in any negotiating situation.

Win-Win or Win-Lose?
This session was surely one not to be missed as every one of us has to negotiate at some time or another. That could be in our business or in our personal lives, so it is vital that in order to get the objective you want, you approach the negotiation in the right way. Are you looking for the "win-win" situation or "win-lose"? Understand this and then tailor your negotiations accordingly.

If your concern is just for the here and now then "win-lose" could be the way for you. Maybe you can take a tougher stance if you are prepared to walk away and are not concerned with the longevity of that relationship. Alternatively, if maintaining the relationship is important then "win-win" is the strategy, you need to ensure both parties are happy with the outcome of the negotiations.

Win-Win or No Deal!
You can go even further with win-win or "no deal", where if both parties cannot agree then walk away or revisit the negotiations later. Telling people that you are not happy with the outcome of the deal (either for yourself or the other party) gives you the credibility and trust that could just be the deciding factor when you come to re-visit the issue. The important point is live to fight another day, without burning any bridges.


Also its important to understand what you want from any negotiation. Understand what your bottom line is, pitch at the highest and best possible outcome and anything above the bottom line is a bonus!

Preparation is key. Prepare for any negotiation 3 times:

  1. Prepare from your perspective

  2. Prepare from their perspective

  3. Prepare from both perspectives


This will then give you insight to what the other party will want as an outcome, and you will be armed with the things the other person may want to hear.


Beware of the dirty tricks
Lastly know about dirty tricks and when they are being used on you and when to use them. Afterall, one of the first points Scott told us was to negotiate with emotions.

If someone really won't budge be prepared to test them out, walk away if necessary but the key to successful negotiating is to be a "Shuttlecock" not a "Gunslinger".


Shoot the other person down and you might get what you want but be prepared for that relationship to end, by being a shuttlecock - allowing the debate to bounce to and from each party - then either the desired outcome will come and you can then do business with that person again, or at least you will live to fight another day.

All in all, a most enjoyable session with a lively and humorous speaker with some valuable lessons to learn and take away to hone your own negotiating skills. Definitely one not to be missed.

Negotiation and Think On Your Feet

“Scott’s sessions were highly engaging,

thought-provoking and participative”

Scott Johnston has delivered two very different, successful sessions for The Scottish Institute for Business Leaders. He was one of a number of speakers at our two-day Commercial Negotiations event in 2014. Scott delivered two well-received sessions, was co-facilitator for the event and participated in a popular mock hostage negotiation, run by Police colleagues.


As a clear expert in his field, Scott successfully presented a good insight into the tactics and techniques of "Negotiating like a Lawyer", how to negotiate fees in the world of business and his "7½ Magic Ps" Formula. Scott made sure that his contributions dove-tailed well with other speakers and that his sessions were highly engaging, thought-provoking and participative.


The second session Scott ran for SIBL, in 2015, was how to 'Think On Your Feet'. Based on his litigation and debating expertise, Scott led an informal and interactive half-day practical workshop by the end of which everyone had indeed been thinking on their feet and speaking off-the-cuff. Both experienced and less confident speakers were able to fully participate and stretch themselves to learn and practice this most challenging of skills.


I am delighted to say that Scott will once again be delivering both sessions for SIBL in the coming months.


Scott has also been a valuable supporter of our regular Action Learning Sets and a number of our 'Dragons Den' events with Police Scotland, giving constructive, supportive feedback to Police colleagues as they make presentations on current operating issues at the end of their Leadership Training programme.


I am delighted to recommend Scott as a speaker, trainer and coach and look forward to his future sessions at SIBL.

Drew Pryde, Chairman

Scottish Institute of Business Leaders

Think On Your Feet
Think On Your Feet
"No-one who entered that room
left as the same person!"

"I enjoyed one of Scott's 'Thinking On Your Feet' half-day sessions, with a small group for business and leaders.  Let me just say this.

No-one who entered that room left as the same person."

Gordon, marketing and video consultant

Think On Your Feet

I run a debating club in Glasgow - with informal training and fun, practical sessions. The following are just some of the real reviews from Members.

“Scott does an excellent job of organising and managing the meetups. New members are welcomed with open arms and given a great introduction to debating. You don't need to have ever spoken before - Scott tells you all you need to know. Every meetup I've been to has been a lot of fun and has taught me a lot about myself and debating. Fun and self improvement? How could you ask for more? Highly recommended if you're terrified of public speaking and want to get better in a friendly, supportive environment.”


I really enjoyed this meetup and great tuiton from Scott. I think this must be the best meetup in this field. The tuition, exercises and experience gained all done in a friendly atmosphere with a supportive group of people. Would recommend to anyone who would like to try this?


Scott is an encouraging, positive teacher who put us at our ease. He master-minded another excellent session, training a varied skill group with a pacey, fun and informal evening.

These sessions are great - they encourage the mighty and the meek! The original Mrs Jelly, I am inspired by Scott's Unique training ability... and it's fun!


To meet other like minded people, try debating, get a bit of an insight into understanding debates and even meetings, to build their own confidence at presenting their case and sticking to the point. It is great for general confidence building and thinking on your feet and thinking ahead. 


First timer and really enjoyed the session. Scott provided us with some great hints and tips on preparing, delivering and concluding a debate. Still got a way to go on my debating skills, but Scott made the session fun, engaging and very useful to daily working life. Good to meet with new people as well!


I have been to a few Topical Debates by now. And I must admit, I would like to come back over and over again. The atmosphere is very accommodating for experts and novices alike. The structure of the debating sessions allows for every participant to have his/her say.


The last debating session I was participating, impressed me greatly. Scott was very supportive, sharing some pearls of public speaking, which will, undoubtedly, improve my skills of giving public speeches and boost my confidence.


Scott is definitely an expert in his field.

Natalia, Russian 


“The debating masterclass was a fantastic and complete "how to" on debating for beginners and lots of tips and fun practice for more experienced debaters.  The training was a perfect balance between listening, and practising; from brief ice-breakers to full blown debates. “
Craig Watson, JCI Aberdeen

2011 World Debating Champion

This is the full version of Leeanne's wonderfully kind LinkedIn testimonial - you may have seen a summary peppered across the website.  I'm so very proud of Leeanne's achievements!
"From complete novice speaker to 
World Champion Debater
in only two years!"

I attended my first JCI Debating Academy in March 2012 hosted by Scott Johnston. I had never seen a live Debate so was very much a novice.  I had hoped to sit at the back and watch some of the more experienced members and just soak it all up. But this is not the kind of training Scott provides!  

The session was interactive from the start and we were all taking part in various exercises straight away. Making me get out of my comfort zone from the outset allowed me to gain so much more from the session. By the end of the day, I was taking part in my first proper Debate.

Scott has highly supported me in Debating and Public Speaking since 2012. That year I entered both the Public Speaking and Debating competitions at the JCI Scotland National Conference and, with Scott by my side providing invaluable feedback and support, I continued the journey.

The training paid off in 2014. I was Captain of the winning Debating teams at both the JCI European and World Conferences. I don’t believe any team has won both competitions in the same year. Had I not been encouraged by Scott from the very first time I met him, I would never have entered these competitions let alone think I’d have any chance of winning.


Scott then invited me to assist him in his Debating Training workshops. Again, I had no confidence to ever think about becoming a Trainer but Scott’s approach has now allowed me to develop further skills I didn’t think I’d have.  I was then Lead Debating Trainer at JCI Ireland Spring Conference and the Youth Scotland Conference at Stirling University.

Scott is a passionate, enthusiastic and professional trainer. He has impeccable people skills and can make you feel instantly calm and confident. His sessions are always imaginative, interesting and fun and the feedback we receive is always of the highest accreditation. He really cares about the people who attend his sessions and has a genuine interest in helping them to improve their communication skills.


Building my confidence in Speaking and Debating resulted in me taking on the role of JCI Edinburgh President in 2014 and has greatly helped me in running my own business as an Independent Financial Adviser.


I would not have the skills or confidence in speaking today if it were not for Scott Johnston.

Leeanne Bradley,
Financial Adviser
Past President JCI Edinburgh 
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