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The Powerful Parliamentarian™

A Coaching Programme to
Help Politicians Be More
Powerful, Impressive and Compelling

Build Your Compelling Parliamentary Presentation Skills


This is for you if you are already, or aspire to be, a Councillor, MSP, Party Spokesperson, Minister or Shadow Minister.

Learn to tackle the biggest challenges for a politician as you become more high profile and seek to advance your  political career.

The programme is tailored to You: your experience and your expertise - or lack of.

Your confidentiality is totally assured

This Programme will help you improve these essential Parliamentary skills:

Presenting a powerful, persuasive 5 minute speech, with gravitas
Debating - intervening on another speaker and taking an intervention
Making a Point of Order
Questioning Witnesses in Committee
Participating on a panel show (TV, radio, online)


Introduction video
(under 90 seconds)

Download Brochure

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Scott Johnston - Barrister

Bringing the Skills of the Legal World into Your Political World

As a Courtroom Barrister, European Debate Champion and trainer of World Champion Debaters, Scott can help you develop the skills you need to be a Powerful Parliamentarian™.

Working together I can help you develop a Compelling Personal Presence in a range of different scenarios where you need to speak up impressively.

That's why I have created The Powerful Parliamentarian™ Programme.


Confidence. Influence. Gravitas.

Your Video Presence

Are you confident and credible on camera?

Or does your ‘Video Presence’ let you  down?

Zoom me.png

This includes speaking virtually in conversations, meetings and presentations with colleagues or constituents. 

Also, a meeting of the Parliament or participating in a TV or online debate.

You can retain credibility and gravitas with a few minor tweaks.


Not because you are weak,

Because you are ready to grow...

You Will Be More Compelling

The Personal Presence Accelerator


A diagnostic and development tool I have created to help you to identify, and then develop, your own level of Personal Presence.

Understand and Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Elevate Your:
- Level of Confidence
- Ability to Influence
- Measure of Gravitas

A Compelling Personal Presence makes a big difference

When you speak, they listen
When you ask a question, it is answered
You are noticed when you walk in the room
When you debate, your argument wins over
You are invited to participate in more opportunities
You are invited to take on more demanding, senior roles


Imposter Syndrome

Bit more detail
(under 5 minutes)

How it Works


This is a totally bespoke programme, tailored entirely to your personal circumstances, experience and expertise - as well as the goals you wish to achieve.

For you that may be minor tweaks, to lift your Personal Presence and presentations. It might be complete transformation - or anything in between.

The programme will bear the greatest results on a 121 basis but we can also consider group coaching or interactive workshops.

Some aspects, such as debating and media panels, can perhaps benefit from a group setting.

We will start by assessing your current expertise and identifying areas you wish to enhance.

We can work remotely or in person, or a mix of both.

The duration of working together very much depends on the scale of uplift you are seeking to achieve.

For example, it may be fortnightly for 3 months, or be more intensive over a shorter time period or cover a period of 6 or 12 months where you benefit from ongoing and 'in the moment' support and sounding board.

How Do We Start?

Pick up the phone, drop me an email or schedule a 30-minute conversation direct to my diary.

I know you don't work standard office hours, so call or message me anytime, including evenings and weekends, and I'll answer if I can.

07855 940035 for calls, text or Whatsapp.

Or you can use the 'Book a Call' button to schedule a 30-minute initial discussion direct to my diary. I'm happy to speak out of normal office hours.

Call or email if there are no slots which work for you or you need a late or weekend call.

What If I'm Not Sure That It's For Me? 

In our initial conversations, before you make any commitment, I will answer all your questions and advise whether I believe I can help you.

We can identify areas to work on and the duration. Maybe you just need a one-off, as you have a big presentation or appearance coming up. Maybe something more ongoing.

I'll email you with a fee proposal and we can start as soon as you wish.

I will only work with you if I believe I, personally, can help you. If I don't believe I can help you, I might know someone else who can.

From complete novice speaker to 
World Champion Debater
in only two years!
Leeanne Bradley, 
Past President JCI Edinburgh 
Financial Adviser
World and European Debating Champion 
For more, visit this page:

I went along to my first JCI Debating academy in March 2012 hosted by Scott Johnston. I had never seen a live Debate so I was very much a novice.


By the end of the day, I was taking part in my first proper Debate.  

Scott has highly supported me in Debating and Public speaking since. The training paid off in 2014 as I was Captain of the winning Debating teams at both the JCI European and JCI World congresses.


I don’t believe any team has won both competitions in the same year.

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