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3 Big Issues Facing You

as a Solopreneur

You've got a great idea for a product or service and you're great at what you do... 

If only making money was that simple!

Well, the good news is: it is SIMPLE, it's just not EASY!

If you are not absolutely crystal clear on these 3 crucial issues, you won't make a success of your business. You'll waste a lot of time. You'll get totally despondent - and that's no place to grow your business from. You'll be unhappy and will think about giving up.


I know. I've been there - and want to help you to avoid the same mistakes that cost me a lot of lost time, effort and money.


You have to know:

  1. What - exactly - you are selling? Do you know - exactly - how to describe its benefits and how to package it into a valuable, affordable and must-have product or service?

  2. Who - exactly - you are selling it to?  You need to know - exactly - who your target market is and how you attract them. How do you make sure you don't attract the wrong people - who won't buy but will suck your energy dry?

  3. How - exactly - are you selling it?  It might be in person, online or a mix of both. How is your online presence and your personal presence? How good are you at Helping People Buy from you and signing up that new customer or client?


Having made mistakes in all of these areas, and learnt 'how to' as well, I can help you. You see, despite having the right skillset to do it, it took me a long time to get the right mindset.

Let's fast-track your success by avoiding some of the expensive pitfalls. Let's super-charge your mindset and your skillset.

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Your Start With Me

7-Step Formula

Your Mindset Formula

for Solopreneur Success

Keeping it Affordable

I can help you make - or save - £000's, just like my good friend Maggie who saved £10,000 in one business negotiation!

I do recognise that my usual fees are aimed more at the professional service person and would be more than solopreneurs and small businesses would usually feel comfortable with - no matter how much the difference it can make to your business and your life.

For example, 3 individual sessions of 2 hours, with review and preparation in between, would normally mean an investment of £1,000.

I saved £10,000 -
in just ONE conversation!
Maggie Georgopoulos, author
Up The Ladder In A Skirt

However, I am very happy to offer affordable options both for 1-2-1 and group sessions. To keep costs down and make them available to all, these sessions will all be online.


3 x 1-2-1

60-mins sessions 

30 mins review/prep

between sessions

Special Offer


or 2 x £250


4 x group sessions

60 minutes each

2 weeks apart - agreed dates

min 4, max 12 members

Special Offer


per person for all 4


1 x 1-2-1 session 

90 minutes 

plus 20 mins follow-up

Special Offer


Money Back Guarantee

If, from our exploratory discussions and our first session together, you don't have at least 3 genuine strategies that can bring you a greater return than your investment, you can request a full no-quibble refund within 48 hours of that first session.

For the Group sessions - indicate your interest in the dropdown menu and I'll contact you when we have at least a handful of members. These will be online, so is open to everyone, everywhere.

As for content, see below
 for a suggestion for a group programme - but it's a flexible suggestion only. We will also have a 'business hot-seat' or two each session, so all members should have (at least) one of those.
Fill in the form to indicate your preference in the dropdown selector - either group sessions, 121 sessions or both.

You're not committing to payment - you are expressing genuine interest. I'll contact you to arrange an exploratory discussion before any payment is due.

It's important we both agree that I will be able to help you and your business grow - and that we're a good fit together.
Group sessions proposed outline
  1. Sales and Negotiation: my 'STOP selling' methodology and sales questioning skills (without making it a cross-examination!)
  2. Networking: Be Heard. Be Remembered. Be Referred. Craft your compelling short statement. Deliver it with confidence and credibility
  3. Personal Presence: Build Your Gravitas, Be More Compelling​
  4. You choose the 4th session! Perhaps Pitching and Presenting or Thinking On Your Feet. Whatever you choose.
Select Your Option

Thanks for your submission! I'll be in touch

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Sales and Negotiation

It's not difficult to make sales once you know what you are selling and who you are selling it to. You help people buy, rather than being a pushy salesperson.

You can become better at making sales with my 'STOP selling' methodology and improving your sales questioning skills (without making it a lawyerly cross-examination!).

We are always negotiating. All our human interactions are a negotiation, so you'd better get good at it! Building relationships and resolving business conflicts, not only your daily buying and selling activities.



For so many solopreneurs, this is how you make contacts and bring in the business.

How confident are you at walking into a room full of friends, let alone a room full of strangers, and knowing how to hold those essential business conversations - without being 'all salesy'?

My networking formula will help you Be Heard-Be Remembered-Be Referred.


I can help you craft your compelling 40-60 seconds statement - and deliver it with compelling credibility so you are remembered for all the right reasons.


Pitching & Presenting

Do you love making presentations - whether it's a full blown sales pitch, speaking at events to promote your expertise in an entertaining way or just 'getting through it' when it's your turn to delivery your 60 seconds at a networking event.

Speaking with confidence and gravitas makes you more persuasive and compelling

Your audience will love you even more and your presentation will be more effective - whether that's for making sales, building a community or just getting your point across in a negotiation or networking conversation.

I saved £10,000 -
in just ONE conversation!
Saved £10,000 in one conversation
Maggie Georgopoulos, author
Up The Ladder In A Skirt

I have had the privilege of Scott's Negotiation Expertise through a number of forums from training sessions to coaching over the years.


Most recently I managed to remember all these little nuggets at a critical time which saved me £10,000 in a business deal - in just ONE conversation!

I could not have done it without Scott's training and coaching giving me the confidence to go in there and actually ask for what I wanted.

Wealth Management Specialist

saved me around £30,000

As a professional I was completely debilitated by my situation, affecting both business and home life..
Scott brought instant clarity and emotional support. The outcome, saved me around £30,000

Professional Man Smiling



One of the main issues I took away from the negotiation skills workshop was gaining a better awareness of when/how other people were negotiating with me.


Knowing the different kinds of negotiation tactics helps me to spot them.

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