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 How Impressive Do You Want To Be?


The Highest Echelon of Personal Presence

You can get there FAST with the 

Personal Presence Accelerator

Build your Impressive and Compelling Personal Presence with different skills and tools as you elevate through each Echelon

"I saved £10,000 -
in just ONE conversation!"

"I have had the privilege of Scott's Negotiation Expertise over the years. I managed to remember all these little nuggets at a critical time which saved me £10,000 in a business deal - in just ONE conversation!

I could not have done it without Scott's training and coaching giving me the confidence to go in there and actually ask for what I wanted."

Maggie Georgopoulos, author

To Fast-Track Your Presencivity

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Why You Need


In challenging times such as these, the more Impressive and Compelling you are as a person the more likely it is that you will win more business, keep more clients and excel in your professional performance.

Your Personal Presence - whether in person or on video - is the single biggest factor that will separate you from your competitors and inspire your team to engage with you.

It's that intangible factor that makes people take you seriously, believe in you and want to work with and for you.

Presencivity is what I call the highest Echelon of Personal Presence.


It will ensure you are more successful in your next business pitch or promotion interview; your first or next leadership role; and if you're stepping up to be a Director or make Partner.

You will be more effective in delivering your professional service and as a leader of people.

You can achieve Presencivity superfast with my Personal Presence Accelerator™ - 3 'core constructs' that elevate your Presence so you can break through to the highest Echelon.

That's what I do - based on my many years as a Barrister, Leader, Professional Speaker, Executive Coach and, now, the word's first and only Presencivity Coach.

Call me. Email me. Let's start a conversation and see where it takes us.

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What is Video Presence?

The Magic Ingredient to Presenting Impressively

to Your Virtual Audience

The World Has Changed - Are Your Keeping Up?

Do you recognise this in your team

or in yourself?

I hate how I  sound / look

I'm rubbish at giving presentations

I'm worried my audience will lose interest

I'm scared of being dull or boring in my video calls

Project Yourself With

Impressive Personal Presence

On Video

It's easy to be brilliantly informative - but to forget to keep your audience engaged.

With a little bit of Know-How and practice you CAN learn to both educate and engage your audience.


Even to entertain them - without having to tell any jokes!

Bring energy and emotion into your video presentations and conversations

In a way that's right For You...

...and you will be Impressive

"Scott's feedback
was invaluable"

“Working with Scott has been an excellent experience.


He’s such a personable guy and passionate about impact, we worked together to refine my presentational style and the open and measured feedback he provided was invaluable”

Thomas Gillan
Chief Financial Officer, 
Social Investment Scotland


For You, Your Team and Your Conference

In the Room - or on the Zoom!

Your Personal Presence (whether in person or on video) affects all that you do - so you will want to be Impressive and Compelling, won't you?

  • Leadership 

  • Negotiation

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Sales & Networking

  • Speaking & Presenting

  • Thinking On Your Feet

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You never know where it may lead...

​With Presencivity™ you will deliver your professional service with even more professionalism. 


More skill, credibility and impact. More Confidence, Influence and Gravitas.

You will win more sales, keep more clients and build a better business or career.

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Scott Johnston

2019 President of PSA Scotland

(part of the PSA UK & Ireland)

Global Speakers Federation

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