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Your Compelling Presence

The Highest Echelon of Personal Presence

'Compelling' is a state of Personal Presence that makes your colleagues, clients and competitors notice you and take you seriously – even if they don’t want to.

It makes you more impressive as a leader and in the delivery of your professional service.

Get there fast by elevating through the different echelons of the Personal Presence Accelerator™.

Why Do I Need Compelling Presence?

Your Personal Presence is that intangible factor that makes people take you seriously, believe in you and want to work with - and for - you.


The more Impressive and Compelling you are as a professional, in person and on video, the more likely it is that you will:


  • win more business

  • secure that promotion

  • be a successful Leader

You can achieve 'Compelling' superfast with the skills and tools to elevate up the echelons of the Personal Presence Accelerator™.

That's what I do - based on my many years as a Barrister, Leader, Professional Speaker and Executive Coach.

How can I become more Compelling?

The Personal Presence Pyramid

The primary elements of your personal presence are: 

- Your level of Confidence
- Your ability to Influence
- Your measure of Gravitas

I have developed each of these elements into the 3 Elevators that help you elevate up the Echelons of the Personal Presence Accelerator™.

It's called the 'Accelerator' because these Elements and these Elevators will help you to become more impressive and more compelling - FAST.

Saved Me Around £30,000


Wealth Management Specialist

I was competent, intelligent and professional but completely debilitated by my situation, which was affecting both business and home life.


Scott brought instant clarity, as well as emotional support. With his legal insight and disarming ability to defuse a potentially very hostile situation, the outcome saved me around £30,000.