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 Legal, Financial and HR Professionals 

Be so Compelling they can't ignore you

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Stop Holding Back and Being Overlooked

Build Your Gravitas to Be More Compelling

You're a frustrated, ambitious professional fed up holding back and being overlooked...


That's your 'personal presence'.

If you want to be noticed, to have more opportunities, then you need to Be More Compelling.

To do that, you need to Build Your Gravitas.

Fast-Track Your
Compelling Presence

How Compelling Are You?

Find Your Presence

The Personal Presence Accelerator™ is your own personal diagnostic. 

Fill in your details to for immediate self-diagnosis - and your solution to Build Your Gravitas and Be More Compelling.

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I saved £10,000 -
in just ONE conversation!
Saved £10,000 in one conversation
Maggie Georgopoulos, author
Up The Ladder In A Skirt

I recommend Scott if you want help to deliver an engaging, informative and impactful presentation on video.

Andrew Marsh

Asperger's Superheroes Speaker

The Personal Presence Accelerator

 Which Echelon Are You? 

Find Your Presence superfast 

with the Personal Presence Accelerator™

You will immediately be able to:

  • Identify your own Echelon of Personal Presence

  • Understand how you got there - and why you're stuck there 

  • Decide what you need to be able to elevate Your Presence to a higher Echelon


Your Personal Presence impacts on all your Conversations, Presentations and Interpersonal Communications

It's THAT important

Your Personal Presence determines how you do everything

How you:

Lead Your Team
Serve Your Clients
Perform at your Professional Best

Masterclass and Bitesize Sessions

I've had the privilege to work with various sectors and organisations, whether as training/coaching clients, speaking at events or delivering associate training

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Wealth Management Specialist

saved me around £30,000

As a professional I was completely debilitated by my situation, affecting both business and home life..
Scott brought instant clarity and emotional support. The outcome, saved me around £30,000

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One of the main issues I took away from the negotiation skills workshop was gaining a better awareness of when/how other people were negotiating with me.


Knowing the different kinds of negotiation tactics helps me to spot them.