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Coming from the professional world, like you, I understand your challenges.

You’re an expert in your field, ‘enjoying’ the challenge of leading people and working with teams. You aim to deliver to a high professional standard - and demand the same high standards from your trainer or coach - and rightly so.

Maybe you are a business or organisation - looking for intensive or extensive support, whether 1-2-1 for senior people or group training and coaching programmes, whether urgent or more planned. Perhaps you need some objective input - a Facilitator more than Trainer or Coach.

Perhaps you are an individual - a professional - looking to invest in yourself. You have an interview or presentation looming or want to fast-track your career advancement.

You can be reassured that I will only work with you if I am sure I can deliver the skills and added value you seek.  If I can't, I will say so - and will hopefully introduce you to someone who can!

"a better awareness"

“One of the main issues I took away from the negotiation skills workshop was gaining a better awareness of when/how other people were negotiating with me.


Knowing the different kinds of negotiation tactics helps me to spot them”

Iain Brown, Solicitor

For Leaders and Professionals

You may be unsure what you are looking for - or maybe you are already clear what you want to develop within your Leadership, Management, Business Development or 'people' skills.

Typical reasons for seeking 1-2-1 sessions (Mentoring, Executive Coaching) include:

  • a confidential sounding board for YOUR issue 

  • to enhance your Leadership/Management​​

  • returning to work or your confidence has taken a 'knock'

  • to 'up-skill' your interpersonal skills, that seem to come so naturally to some

  • developing better working relationships

  • improving essential business skills to give you a sharper edge

  • to advance your career or fast-track your promotion prospects

For Teams

Some of the typical reasons for arranging workshops and group programmes:

  • CPD requirements


  • a specific issue topic

  • addressing conflict and performance issues

  • a one-off workshop or something more substantial that will actually work

  • a programme of skills workshops to boost mindset and skillset for young professionals and newer managers

Facilitation and Mediation 

Facilitation and Mediation 

Facilitation is different to training. It's more about helping groups make difficult decisions. Sometimes, external independent support can really help. It helps to defuse conflict and take the heat out of the situation.

A good facilitator is skilled at helping you talk to and listen to each other so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute - not just the most senior or the most vocal!

Common situations include:

  • for a particularly challenging meeting​ or discussion

  • to make your away day work, letting you focus on discussing - not running the discussion

  • bullying and harassment or some other reason your team is dysfunctional - and you need some crisis intervention


Mediation is a very effective way to help people to resolve disputes and enhance relationships - rather than resorting to formal grievance and disciplinary proceedings.

There's a skill to effective questioning and listening - really giving disgruntled employees the chance to be properly heard. Importantly, they need to feel that they have been heard.

Whilst it can take up a bit of time - it can save a lot more!

There's more information on my Employment Law site about Mediation here.

"To praise Scott and his material"

“My company hosted an annual conference and training event for our franchisee partners.


The entire group responded positively and found tangible and lasting benefit. Several delegates proactively contacted me after the event to praise both Scott and his material and spoke highly of how relevant they found the experience.

Scott was particularly easy to deal with when arranging the event and responded to last minute requests very positively. I can highly recommend Scott and we will certainly be using his services in the future.”
Carolyn Dunion, Managing Director
Contempo Lettings

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