Your Personal Presence impacts on ALL your Conversations, Presentations and

Interpersonal Communications

Working Together

We all have tons of experience and expertise. Our ethos - our character and beliefs - impacts on how we conduct ourselves and engage in our relationships.


We can add to these 3 elements another element that is important but not always openly considered - we've all made a few mistakes along the way, haven't we? It's an essential part of our experience.


Working together, we  can multiply these elements and it becomes very powerful indeed.

3E Power of 1: We start with the fact that YOU have a TON of experience and expertise - and you bring your own ethos, your standards and ways of working.

3E Power of 2:  We add in my own experience, expertise and ethos. How does that complement, and how does that challenge, your outlook, your inner thoughts and your decisions?

3E Power of 3:  When we multiply who you are, what you have and where you have been with what I can bring to you - that synergy then brings to you, your team or your event huge opportunity for challenge, for reflection and for personal and professional growth.

3 Options for Working Together

In Person or Virtually on Video

I work with you for as short or as long as you wish and have 3 levels of 121 sessions:


Instant Impact: you have an issue right now, or coming soon. You need a fairly urgent conversation with a follow-up or two.

Intensive:  3-6 months of working together on a specific issue or challenge.

Immersion: 6 or 12 months unlimited working together for real transformation. 


Masterclass: deep-dive into a specific topic, skill or attribute.

From 2 hours up to a half or full day - or even an ongoing programme.

Bitesize Sessions: 30-90 mins interactive session, whether an overview or refresher. 

A great way to have a reason for a team get-together - especially if it's interactive.

Start of the day, end of the day or Lunch n Learn.


For larger events, online or (hopefully one day!) when we're all back in the room.

Speaker: with an important message to inspire change in individuals, relationships and leadership.

Facilitator: skilled, neutral and able to help challenging or dysfunctional teams and leaders to speak to each other.

MC: if you want to bring a professional, enjoyable tone and flow to your events.  



For You, Your Team and Your Conference

In the Room - or on the Zoom!

Your Personal Presence (whether in person or on video) affects all that you do - so you will want to be Impressive, won't you?

  • Leadership 

  • Negotiation

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Sales & Networking

  • Speaking & Presenting

  • Thinking On Your Feet

​With your Impressive Personal Presence, you can deliver your professional service with more professionalism.


More skill, credibility and impact.

You will win more sales, keep more clients and build a better business or career.

How Do We Start?

Get in touch

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We can arrange a good time to chat, by phone or video.

Or why not just pick up the phone, right now, and say Hello! We can mull over your ideas...

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