Working With You


3E Power of 1: YOU have a TON of experience and expertise - and you bring your own standards and ways of working.

3E Power of 2:  We add in my experience, expertise and ethos. Barrister. Speaker. Coach. Leader. Manager.

3E Power of 3:  When we multiply who you are, what you have and where you have been with what I can bring to you, we have powerful synergy. 


Brings to you, your team or your event huge opportunity for challenge, for reflection and for personal and professional growth.

Glengorm  Castle Mull

Be even more Impressive

Be even more Compelling

Glengorm Castle, Scotland


How Do We Start?

Let's have a no-obligation chat. You never know where it may lead...

You can schedule a (video) call directly into my calendar.


Or why not just pick up the phone, right now, and say Hello! We can mull over your ideas...

I've had the privilege to work with various sectors and organisations, whether as training/coaching clients, speaking at events

or delivering associate training

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