What is Video Presence?

The Magic Ingredient to 

Presenting Impressively

to Your Virtual Audience

7 Steps to Impressive

Video Presence

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"Scott's feedback
was invaluable"

“Working with Scott has been an excellent experience.


He’s such a personable guy and passionate about impact, we worked together to refine my presentational style and the open and measured feedback he provided was invaluable”

Thomas Gillan
Chief Financial Officer, Social Investment Scotland

Do you recognise this in your team

or in yourself?

I hate how I  sound / look

I'm rubbish at giving presentations

I'm worried my audience will lose interest

I'm scared of being dull or boring in my video calls

Project Yourself With Personal Presence

On Video

It's easy to be brilliantly informative - but to forget to keep your audience engaged.

With a little bit of Know-How and practice you CAN learn to both educate and engage your audience.


Even to entertain them - without having to tell any jokes!

Bring energy and emotion into your

video presentations and conversations

In a way that's right For You

7 Steps to Impressive

Video Presence

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"From complete novice speaker to 
World Champion Debater
in only two years!"

"I went along to my first JCI Debating academy in March 2012 hosted by Scott Johnston. I had never seen a live Debate so I was very much a novice. By the end of the day, I was taking part in my first proper Debate.  

Scott has highly supported me in Debating and Public speaking since. The training paid off in 2014 as I was Captain of the winning Debating teams at both the JCI European and JCI World congresses. I don’t believe any team has won both competitions in the same year."

Leeanne Bradley,
Financial Adviser
Past President JCI Edinburgh 

Scott Johnston

2019 President of PSA Scotland

(part of the PSA UK & Ireland)


Global Speakers Federation

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