3 Full-Day Glasgow Events:

Feb-April 2020

3 MUST-HAVE Skills for Your Business or Career

Presentation Skills

Negotiation Skills &

Resolving Conflict 

Thinking On Your Feet

"I saved £10,000 -
in just ONE conversation!"

"I have had the privilege of Scott's Negotiation Expertise through a number of forums from training sessions to coaching over the years. Most recently I managed to remember all these little nuggets at a critical time which saved me £10,000 in a business deal - in just ONE conversation!

I could not have done it without Scott's training and coaching giving me the confidence to go in there and actually ask for what I wanted."

Maggie Georgopoulos, author

3 Full-Day Skills-Builder Sessions

Central Glasgow - near the train stations


Book 1, 2 or (for added discount) all 3 dates

12 Feb:

Presentation Skills 

 for Sales and Networking - become a more confident, engaging speaker

18 March:

Negotiation Skills and Resolving Conflict

 for Sales and Networking - Better Relationships - Make More Sales

20 April:

Thinking On Your Feet

for those challenging questions, sales opportunities and giving a speech when there's no time to prepare!

Membership Discounts


I've absorbed the Eventbrite fees of £15 per ticket for everyone.

As well as discounts for everyone if you book all 3 Skill-Builder Sessions in one booking, there are discounts available for various membership groups to which I have a connection - whether you are a member or regular attender.

These discounts are for the following groups (you may be asked to verify membership/guest attendance):

PSA, 4N, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
EEC, BizSocial and Revitalise

If you haven't seen your promo-code, email me  sj@ScottJohnston.net

"From complete novice speaker to 
World Champion Debater
in only two years!"

"I went along to my first JCI Debating academy in March 2012 hosted by Scott Johnston. I had never seen a live Debate so I was very much a novice. By the end of the day, I was taking part in my first proper Debate.  

Scott has highly supported me in Debating and Public speaking since. The training paid off in 2014 as I was Captain of the winning Debating teams at both the JCI European and JCI World congresses. I don’t believe any team has won both competitions in the same year."

Leeanne Bradley,
Financial Adviser
Past President JCI Edinburgh 

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