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Protect your business and your team from the distraction, stress and enormous cost of
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Escaping Lawyer!

You'll see on my LinkedIn profile that I describe myself as an 'Escaping Lawyer'! If we haven't connected yet - then let's.

After 25 years in the law, as a qualified Barrister, I won't completely give up Employment Law work as I do still love it, it's just that I want to focus on the 'less fighty' stuff.

I have a separate website which sets all this out - Training is outlined below.


So, I'm still available for the following Employment Law and HR support for you:

  • Training

  • Event Speaker and MC

  • Advice and Mentoring for freelance HR Consultants

  • Disciplinary Investigations, including Bullying & Harassment

  • Employment Tribunals and negotiating Settlements

  • Advice 'Clinics'

  • Mediation 

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My Employment Law website - for training, investigations, speaking and more

For small businesses with 10, 20, 50 or more  employees you need to at least have 'Compliance First' so that you meet you legal obligations.

Ideally you'll be interested in my programme of legal compliance and management training - the People Power  Programme.

Click here to see how I can help.

Less than 2 years service means they can't take me to Tribunal, right?
- WRONG! -
Employees can make claims for Discrimination, Whistleblowing, Holiday Pay and a whole host of other complaints without 2 years service. You MUST always take advice. 

Employment Law and HR Training

One of the best ways to protect your business is to ensure all managers - and business owners  - have been well trained, with regular refreshers.

There's no need to know the law inside-out, like a lawyer. As long as you 'know what you don't know' and know when to ask for advice (answer: early!) then that should be enough. 


The training is specifically aimed at and designed for non-lawyers so are not dull, boring 'death by powerpoint' presentations on 'this Act' and 'that subsection'!

They are not legalistic and full of jargon..


Employment Law Alarm Bells - half day outline and introduction

Employment Law Essentials - 1 or 2 day programme to cover, well, the Essentials!

3D Employment Law - Discipline, Discrimination and Dismissal: anything from a 20-minute talk for your events to 2 days, or more

Elements of Employment Law: choose the most important topics that suit you and devise a workshop (short or long) or, for greater effect, an ongoing programme.

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