The 'Goldilocks' Approach to Presence

Not too hot, Not too cold - Just right!

Do you need to build up your Presence?

Or maybe you need to 'tone it down' a bit...

I work with business owners, senior leaders and ambitious professionals to help you build the Presence that is right for YOU.


Let's work on your: 

  • Level of Confidence

  • Ability to Influence

  • and your Measure of Gravitas

  • What is it?

  • Why want it?

  • How can I have more of it?


Many ambitious professionals, business owners and aspiring leaders - though technically good at what you do - are new to the concept of Personal Presence.


You may have much work to do before being able to consider the more challenging levels.

You may need to have more self-belief (but not too much!), be taken more seriously as a professional by becoming more influential and stepping up by building your communication, people and leadership skills.


You can work on the foundation and intermediate degrees of your Presence as you journey towards Impressivity. This will help you with networking, team meetings and giving credible presentations.

That's why I have created an online 'soft' skills video training membership portal - to give you the essential Mindset and Skillset before you are ready for the Impressivity Quotient™.

Skillblazers™ is designed exactly for you and your colleagues - perhaps more junior, returning to work after a long absence or taking on a new role. It gives you the essential building blocks so that you Find Your Presence.

Developing Leadership Skills,
Great Sounding Board,
Exceptional Coach

Scott is an excellent speaker, trainer and MC; he definitely knows how to engage an audience. He is also extremely professional in everything he does - you're in a safe pair of hands when Scott is involved.


His support as Vice President when I was the President of the Professional Speaking Association in Scotland was invaluable; he is organised, committed and a great sounding board. His unique skillset incorporating his legal background, negotiation and communication skills also make him an exceptional coach.


I recommend you speak with Scott if you are looking for a speaker, trainer or coach to support you or your team in developing leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.

Mel Sherwood
Pitch & Presentation Specialist

Scott Johnston

2019 President of PSA Scotland

(part of the PSA UK & Ireland)

Global Speakers Federation

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