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 We don't HAVE to lock horns, 
 do we? 

Saved Me Around £30,000


Wealth Management Specialist

I was competent, intelligent and professional but completely debilitated by my situation, which was affecting both business and home life.


Scott brought instant clarity, as well as emotional support. With his legal insight and disarming ability to defuse a potentially very hostile situation, the outcome saved me around £30,000.

Managing, Reducing and Avoiding

Conflict at Work

Conflict at work is a fact of life. We can't avoid all of it - but probably most of it is actually avoidable.


It's a bit of a balancing act, isn't it!


We can manage and reduce conflict - and see it as a potential for creating a positive outcome.


It's not easy - let's do more of what's right.

Most of our conflict at work is avoidable

What happens when there is unnecessary conflict at work?

To individuals

Strained silence

Heated tempers


Poor performance​

Silos and cliques








To The Business and Team

Less chat and laughter

Tense atmosphere

Quality drops

Discipline/Grievance hearings

Performance management

Client complaints

Team disharmony

Output drops

Wasted time

Blame culture

Sickness absence

Turnover costs/disruption


 Conflict is a Balancing Act 

Your Conflict Coach

In Person, On Site and Online Virtual Support

group coaching8.png

Group Facilitation and Workshops 

To instil the skillset and introduce the mindset. One-off or a bespoke programme


Ideal for young professionals, new and returning managers, dysfunctional teams and general refresher

External Facilitator for challenging meetings or away-days. Sometimes an independent presence can be helpful​

“Never cut what you can untie”
Joseph Joubert

1-2-1 Conflict Coaching

Identifying and working on the real issues


For more experienced leaders, managers and professionals


Developing the right mindset, sharing and 'drawing out' ideas

​One-off sessions (including urgent requests at short notice) or a bespoke programme

Mediation is not a magic wand - but can feel like it is


Mediation: Reaching agreement out of a stalemate

  • To instil the skillset and introduce the mindset


  • One-off or combined into a bespoke programme


  • Ideal for young professionals, new and returning managers and general refresher

Use the past as a reference library
Not as a home

...informal, informative and made me rethink my approach

to praise Scott and his material

“I attended Scott’s Conflict at Work session at my staff day. I found the session informal, informative and it made me rethink my approach when  dealing with issues of conflict. I learned useful techniques like finishing a conversation on a positive and also the power of the word ‘BUT’.


I have already used some of the skills discussed during the session. Overall it was a very enjoyable workshop, and the speaker was very engaging.”

Mary McHugh
Occupational Health Nurse, Edinburgh College

My company hosted an annual conference and training event for our franchisee partners.


The entire group responded positively and found tangible and lasting benefit. Several delegates proactively contacted me after the event to praise both Scott and his material and spoke highly of how relevant they found the experience.

Scott was particularly easy to deal with when arranging the event and responded to last minute requests very positively. I can highly recommend Scott and we will certainly be using his services in the future.

Carolyn Dunion

Managing Director, Contempo Lettings

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